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Best Seaside Destinations in Georgia




While travelling to Georgia you will notice that everyone is able to find their desired destination according to their taste. This beautiful country with ancient history and mesmerizing nature has so much to offer to its visitors. Whether you are looking for high mountains, breathtaking deserts or beautiful beaches, Georgia is your perfect target.


Probably the most famous and crowded city on the coast of the Black sea is Batumi. This energetic city is amongst the most popular destinations in Georgia. The perfect mixture of greenness and blue waves is what makes Batumi so famous amongst locals and travellers from all around the world. Walking in the old and new boulevard of this fascinating city, you will see so many restaurants, bars and clubs. The best way to have fun in Georgia during the hot days of summer is to visit one of these places. The fun in Batumi starts from the evening and lasts until the sunrise. 

The botanical garden in Batumi makes you feel like in heaven. Rare and astonishing plants make this place one of a kind. Besides strolling in this beautiful place, the visitors also can rent a bike to have a ride in the beautiful Mtirala Park.


Having a peaceful couple of days can really charge you with new energies and make you feel fresh. Kvariati is the best harmonious destination for travellers who are looking for a peaceful vacation spot. Clean beaches and steady sea can really give you fresh energies. Resting on the beach and having delicious meals by the seaside are the best way to enjoy the marvels of the black sea. 


Sandy beaches of Shekvetili are waiting for adventurous travellers. Calm and not too crowded coasts are the perfect place to stroll and relax on the beach. If you go there during a concert season, you will be able to enjoy Black Sea Arena, a perfect concert hall 10 min away from the beach. Tsitsinatela Park is one of the main attractions in the region. Just a few minutes drive from Shekvetili and you will be able to have so much fun and see the only miniature park in Georgia. Get a suntan on sandy beaches and spend your evening listening to your favourite artists. 


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