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Nightlife in Tbilisi- Tips for a great night-out




As a millennial in Tbilisi you can not a avoid the crazy rhythm of Georgian youth. Everything seems to move and change with the speed of light. Every time you go out, new cafes, bars, pubs and clubs seem to appear right around the corner. But where do people come up with new ideas and designs? Is there something different and extraordinary about those people?

The answer to those questions is not that simple. Being raised in a post-soviet country, and having survived a war, while being a millennial, changes a lot about one’s perception. Georgian youth is persistent, determined and rebellious. They always try not to be framed or labeled.

There are a couple of places where you will be able to enjoy yourself as a local.
First, you should start your evening by drinking in a bar, preferably, as much as you possibly can.

If you are nostalgic of 90’s and 00’s music and want to dance on tables in an open air, you should check-out Bauhaus, the bar in Dedaena Park.

The jukebox is waiting for you in Meoba, if you want to choose the music for your perfect night-out. This bar, with reasonable prices and good location (near the opera), is a place where you can go out with friends for drinks, before heading to a club.

And last, but not the least, before you head out to start a real Georgian night-out, go to Fabrika. This hostel/ space to hang out is the most popular amongst Georgians. Friendly atmosphere and good bars are guaranteed + if you are hungry, you will be able to enjoy cuisines from different countries.

Drama is a unique pre-club venue, where the music and the interior are remarkable and one of a kind. This mysterious place is a joint of young artists and the elite. As all the best places in Tbilisi, Drama also gets pretty crowded, so you might not be able to get in through face-control.

The best place to finish your adventurous night is at Mtkvari, Khidi or Bassiani , depending on your taste. On Mtkvari and Khidi, there is a lighter music and fewer people, but Bassiani is legendary, next to Berghnain, it is one of the most popular clubs in the world. People from all around the world come to Tbilisi to experience flamboyant and dazzling Bassiani. So do not miss a chance to have an experience of lifetime and dance in an empty swimming pool, which is the main dance floor of Bassiani.

Anywhere you decide to go, remember to make it a night to remember. Make some new friends, Georgians love guests and are known for their hospitality. Try something new (drinks, food) and enjoy the never-before-seen lifestyle of Georgian people.


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Nightlife in Tbilisi- Tips for a great night-out

As a millennial in Tbilisi you can not a avoid the crazy rhythm of Georgian youth. Everything seems to move and change...

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