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Top 5 Georgian Dishes




Amongst hospitality, mesmerizing nature and one of a kind architecture, Georgia is well-known for its extraordinary cuisine. So many people come from different countries to get a taste of our traditional dishes. That’s why while travelling in Georgia you will encounter so many Georgian restaurants and hear all about the traditions. Although, almost every Georgian dish is a must, there are several that are worth mentioning in the top picks.   

1. Khinkali –
it is probably the most famous Georgian dish. This caucasian dumpling is one of the main reasons why Georgian cuisine is capturing the hearts of travellers from all around the world. Originally from mounty regions of Georgia, Khinkali can be stuffed either with meat, cheese, mushrooms or mashed potatoes. But if one wants to feel like a true Georgian, they should try khinkali with meat.

This mouth-watering dish is served in almost every Georgian restaurant. The perfect mixture of beef/pork and herbs produces the tastiest juice in a dough. If you have some time go to Mtiuleti to get an authentic local experience.

2. Khachapuri –   Each and every region of Georgia is unique in its own way. Every part of this small country has so much to offer to travellers, who want to get to know it’s unique culture. In different regions, the same dish is cooked in different ways, which gives you a chance to experience it in many different ways.

Imerian Khachapuri is the most popular one in Georgia. Usually being referred to as “Georgian pizza”, khachapuri has the same form as a worldwide-known dish, but instead of different ingredients, it is stuffed only with cheese. It is best served right out of the oven when the cheese is melting and you get a true sense of what this dish is.

Megrelian khachapuri is extra cheesy. The dish is not only stuffed with it but also has the mixture of Georgian cheeses on top. You should definitely taste it if during your trip you and up in Samegrelo, the region of Georgia with the most delicious dishes ever.

As for Acharian khachapuri, it is commonly referred to as a “cheese boat”. Having the same shape as the boat, this dish will definitely capture your attention. Once you try it, there is no going back, you are going to dream about it when you go back home.

3. Mtsvadi
– “Georgian barbeque” is very delicately cooked on a very low fire, set mostly on special bbq machines. Either beef or pork is cooked for about an hour and a half, typically first cut and marinaded for some time.

You can get a taste of “Georgian BBQ” in almost every Georgian restaurant, but if you want to get to the origins of this super-delicious dish, go to Kakheti, the birthplace of mtsvadi.

4. Lobiani – “bean pie” is a general name of this dish. Cooked mostly in Racha, a mounty region of Georgia, lobiani is the essential of Georgian “supra” (dinner at a table). This dish can also be stuffed with meat alongside the beans, but the original lobiani is a wondrous mixture of mashed beans and Georgian herbs.

Lobiani and khachapuri are commonly mentioned together because the original shape of both dishes is the same, the dough is also the same, only the stuffing is different, but trust me it makes all the difference. Both are unique and a must when you travel to this beautiful country.

5. Ghomi-  another Megrelian dish, which gives you an authentic local experience. Cooked in almost every family in Georgia, ghomi on the first look is very familiar to rice, but it is a whole different seed with a whole different taste.

The essential thing next to ghomi is cheese. Variety of Georgian cheeses is basically served alongside this dish. Georgians put it inside hot ghomi and when it melts it creates a taste out of this world.



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